Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life Springs Therapeutic Pet Friendly Drug Rehab (800) 746-0937

Life Springs Therapeutic Pet Friendly Drug Rehab (800) 746-0937

Life Springs Pet Friendly Drug Rehab
Life Springs Addiction Recovery Services Palm Springs CA (800) 746-0937 truly understands how important your pet is to you and we also believe in the therapeutic value of a pet friendly addiction treatment environment. Addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis disorders often take away everything, and the only thing a person may have left is their pet. That quite often is the only thing that gives these types of individuals the hope and willingness they need to recover.

Our Philosophy….

Is simple; we strive to provide each person that comes into our program with a personally tailored recovery program that helps to meet their individual needs. We have found that when a person is provided care that treats the whole being medically, psycho-therapeutically, holistically and even spiritually, in a homelike environment where each resident has his or her own room, pet, personal items that are important to them, in a professional yet loving atmosphere, guilt, shame, remorse and even resentments almost immediately fall off, hope shines through and most recover and remain that way.

We can accommodate most anyone seeking to recovery from addiction, alcoholism, and or dual diagnosis disorders and our long term programs cost less than most short term impersonal treatment programs. We offer inpatient treatment, intensive out-patient programs, intervention, legal liaison court services and programs, therapy, counseling, and so much more. Visit Life Springs then call to speak with one of our therapeutic addiction recovery specialists today at (800) 746-0937.

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