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Adderall & Stimulant Addiction Treatment Life Springs (800) 746-0937

Adderall & Stimulant Addiction Treatment Life Springs (800) 746-0937
Adderall is prescribed primarily to treat attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy. It is a stimulant and has the potential for abuse whether it is taken as treatment for a medical diagnosis or taken for recreational use. The effects produced by Adderall are similar to those produced by other stimulants, such as cocaine. For example, people abusing Adderall may experience shortened temper, irritability, depression, and in the absence of the drug, withdrawal symptoms and cravings for the drug.  The side effects of Adderall addiction are very much like other stimulants even though the drug may be lower in potency than other drugs such as crystal meth or cocaine.  In higher doses, however, the effects produced are virtually identical.  Abusers are at risk for heart attack, seizure, or stroke.  The negative behaviors and feeling associated with Adderall addiction are so similar to those of other stimulants.
Many students take Adderall without prescriptions because they believe that it will help them perform better in school. According to Dr. Sean Esteban McCabe for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, who conducted a survey of over 10,000 college students, those who had reported to have taken stimulants (such as Adderall) without a prescription at least once in the past year were 20 times more likely to have reported cocaine abuse.
Although Adderall addiction can be prevalent in specific demographics such as college campuses, it does not discriminate against any population. Some may take it as a way to curb their appetite and stay thin, while others may use it as a stimulant at work or as a boost to help them get more done.  Adderall addiction may affect many different people, but their struggle is uniform.  Addiction can be fatal and it is advised for anyone battling with Adderall addiction to seek treatment.
Adderall is a highly addictive substance. Since withdrawal from Adderall can be uncomfortable, and can potentially pose threats to a person’s health, it is advised that withdrawal be monitored in a supervised medical facility.
Life Springs offers a beautiful setting for addicts to start their treatment process. The program provides detoxification, medical treatment, one on one therapy as well as group therapy sessions, yoga, spirituality, a variety of groups including relapse prevention, and integrates twelve step meetings as well.
Many people seeking Adderall treatment are battling with disorders such as ADD or A.D.H.D.  Life Springs offers comprehensive evaluations with highly regarded medical staff that will allow for the composure of a treatment plan to be implemented that will address the issues at hand without compromising the client’s sobriety.  The patient will meet with their doctor and design a plan that works for them. Visit Life Springs and call (800) 746-0937.

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